Task Sequences Overview

Task Sequences Overview

Never feel lost or confused again, thanks to Task Sequences. Think of Task Sequences as a checklist for everything you need to do with your buyer or seller for every transaction stage.  

We automatically give you Task Sequences we have created, which can be found under the 'Global' folder. However, you can also create your own Task Sequences, which will be under the 'Personal' folder. Click here to learn how to create your own Task Sequence!

Task Sequences are made up of two types of tasks; regular tasks and email tasks. Regular tasks are exactly what you think they are, they are simple "to-do" items that are crossed off the list when complete. Email tasks, on the other hand, are only checked off the list after you send a specific email. To send the email, click on the email icon next to the email task and then click send after adding your recipients and proofreading the email. 

Here is what Regular Tasks and Email Tasks look like in the Transaction Details Page:

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