Sales Pipeline Overview

Sales Pipeline Overview

When logging in to NextMove PRO, the first thing you are going to see is the Sales Pipeline. Think of the Sales Pipeline as your virtual whiteboard to keep track of all of your current business. Let's go over each of the Sales Pipeline Stages:


Lead Stage
The first stage in the sales pipeline is the Lead Stage. The Lead Stage contains your potential clients who are ready to buy, sell or invest in real estate right now. We like to call these leads "HOT LEADS". Drop your HOT LEADS into the Leads Stage by clicking on the '+ New' button to create a Transaction Card. 

Appointment Stage
Move a card from Lead to Appointment when you have scheduled the first meeting with your potential client. As long as you have appointments scheduled with your potential client, keep the card under 'Appointment'. If you do not have a future appointment scheduled, move the card back to 'Lead'.

Agency Agreement Stage
A transaction card moves to the Agency Agreement Stage as soon as a Listing Agreement or Buyer's Agreement is signed and is in good standing. If the agreement ever expires, the card will need to move back to either 'Appointment' or 'Lead'. 

Under Contract Stage 
When your client enters into a contract, move the Transaction Card to 'Under Contract'. You will keep the card Under Contract until the transaction closes! If the transaction falls through, move the card back to 'Agency Agreement' as long as the agreement is in good standing. 

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