Dashboard Overview

Dashboard Overview

Here is a few need to know items you can find on the Dashboard:

Revenue Tracker
Located at the very top of your Dashboard, the Revenue Tracker shows either your GCI (Gross Closed Income) or Profit for the current month. You can switch back and forth between GCI and Profit by using the toggle next to the Revenue Tracker. 

The Sales Pipeline
We break the real estate sales life-cycle into 4 main stages and show them to you on the Dashboard - Lead, Appointment, Agency Agreement and Under Contract. By organizing your current transactions into these stages, you can see exactly where everything is and what needs your attention. Click here to learn more about the Sales Pipeline Stages!

Goal Graphs

By using these graphs, we capture your business activity to see if you are on track to reach your goals. If you are dedicated to reaching your goals, you need to turn the graphs green every month. 

Transaction Cards
Each of your transaction cards are displayed in their particular sale pipeline stage beneath the goals graphs. Click on a card to view its details or move it to another stage. You can also drag and drop Transaction Cards to move them to another stage!

Date Range Selection
If you ever want to see how you are progressing toward your goal for the year or a custom date range, rather than the current month, use the Date Range Selection buttons to update your Goal Graphs and Revenue Tracker. 

Quickly work through all of your tasks by clicking on the 'Tasks' tab at the bottom of the left side menu bar. 

If you ever run into trouble, click on the 'Help' icon in the top right-hand corner to search our help article database or to submit a support ticket. 

Access your 'Account Settings' by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner and selecting 'Settings'.

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