Create a Transaction Card

Create a Transaction Card

1. Click on the '+New' button in the top right-hand corner of your Dashboard.

2. Select the transaction type (buyer, seller, outbound referral or other) and enter the property address if you know it. If this client is already in your contact list, select 'Existing Contact' and start typing their name to select them. If this client is NOT in your contact list, select 'Create New Contact' and enter their contact information. Click 'Proceed'.

3. You are now in the 'Transaction Details Page'. The contact you either selected or created previously has been entered into the 'Participant' list on the left side of the screen. Take some time to enter any other participants associated with this transaction so far, this could be the buyer or seller's spouse or maybe your team leader. 

4. In the middle of the screen, you will see the street address you previously entered. Take some time to enter the rest of the property details here. 

5. At the bottom of the middle section of the screen, you will see the financial section. Here is where you can enter the 'Estimated List Price' or your client's 'Estimated Budget'. Adjust the commission if needed. You will now see the potential GCI (Gross Commission Income) of this transaction.

6. Expand the financial section by clicking on the arrow to enter any adjustments to this transaction. This could be a brokerage fee, a team split, or even the cost of buying this client coffee. You will now see the Commission payable to you and your Profit after your expenses. 

7. On the right side of the screen, you will see your 'Activity Timeline'. This is where you can add notes and see any important updates to the transaction card. This is also where you can add a task or a task sequence to the transaction card. 

8. Remember to click 'Save' before moving on to another page in your account! 

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